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The BMW E30 325i and E30 M3 in the paddock at the VIR Gold Cup Historic Races. Sept, 2012. Both cars are fun to race, but the M3 is about 5 seconds a lap faster around the track.

L-R Holland Hale, Dave Davis, Chip Stabler beside the BMW 325i that Holland and Chip co-drove at VIR during the spring Vintage Races in April 2012. Dave is our Uber Mechanic for taking care of the BMW's. This Spec E30 class car is fun to race and easy to take care of.

On the false grid before the start of the Feature Race at VIR. The cars are BMW's, Lotus, Porsche, Datsun, Alfa Romeo, and few we are not sure of in this group.

Grassroots article

Chip gets the Stabler family started in motorsports and teen driver education. Pictured are Grey (14), Hannah (16), and Will (7). Grey and Hannah began in go karts and moved to cars at their first event here at a NASA Autocross in 2010.

Chip Stabler with his Corvette (left), and Holland Hale with His BMW M3 (right).

The owners of Atlantic Auto Exchange at the end of the 2000 season. It was a great year for both with lots of fun races completed and no real damage to either car. Chip won a National Championship in the Touring Challenge for Corvettes. He did this with consistent podium finishes through the season. He was on pole position and won overall in the last race of the series at Road Atlanta. The event was the American Road Race of Champions. The entire staff is very proud of his accomplishments this year!

1988 M3 race car driven by Holland Hale. Seen here at Mid Ohio Sportscar Course. This car is raced in the BMW Car Club of America's racing series. It runs in the J Stock Class, the rules allow for upgrades to the suspension, brakes, and certain engine tweaks but the car has to remain street legal. It has a full rollcage and racing safety equipment. So far Holland and this car have won about fifty percent of the races he's entered and set class track records at Road Atlanta and Roebling Road Raceway. This is a very fun car.

Atlantic Auto Exchange co-owner Chip Stabler on the starting grid at Road Atlanta for the American Road Race of Champions in 1999. He set a lap record in qualifying. The race car is a 1995 Corvette, purpose built for racing utilizing many stock components but is lightened to 3000 pounds. The engine is a 355 cubic inch, V8, LT-1 producing approximately 450 horsepower. The transmission is a 6-speed. The suspension is set up for racing and is fully adjustable to optimize the car for different tracks.

Holland at the BMW Club Drivers School in Nov. '98 at Roebling Road Raceway with five of his customers and their cars. A fun weekend at the track! L-R, Holland/M3, Al Smith/Nissan SER, Mike Orth/BMW 325is, Coco Strayer /Porsche 911, Dana Loomis/Alfa GTV, David Bacon/BMW M3.

We really enjoy our cars and encourage our customers to go out and drive or polish or show off their cars as often as possible. We attend many races and car club drivers schools each year and are always proud to see our customers having a good time with a car we provided. We will update this page during the year and hope to see you on it.

Dave Davis of Renaissance Auto Care does trackside support on Chip's Corvette at the spring SVRA races, Roebling Road Raceway. His shop in Raleigh, NC does most of our European car servicing. It's always great to have him at the races.

Cindy Godwin helps Dan Unkefer into his RX-83c Mazda powered Harrier at the SVRA Spring Fling. Dan is one of our best customers and a very fast racer.

John Stahl with his beautiful BMW 2002 racer at the SVRA Spring Fling. John has bought a BMW M3 and a 318ti from Atlantic.

Chip's Corvette on pole, and Holland in his M3 in second, form up in the grid for the start of their race at SVRA Spring Fling, 2000. They had a close race in which Chip won by 7/1000 of a second.

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